About Us

Passion for Innovations

Our Mission

Free people from mundane paperwork, allowing them to unleash their potential and reach their goals faster.

Our Vision

To be the world’s no. 1 Smart Document Workspace. We want to provide the most user-friendly solution for advanced document drafting and management automation. Legito strives to use technology to help contribute to happy work environments, and make justice accessible to all through democratizing legal expertise.

Our Values

Passion for creating a product with excellent user experience

Passion is the fuel that helped us grow from an idea to a leading automated document drafting and smart document management solution in the world. Passion is why we have made such incredible progress technologically and in business . Years ago, it was our passion to innovate that convinced a Fortune 500 company to place its trust in a tiny start-up without a proven track record.
Only a stable, happy, and cooperative team who has pride in its work product can be passionate enough to create the state-of-the-art legal-tech software that Legito strives to improve upon every single day. Our top priority is our people. One fact of which we’re very proud is that only one employee has left our company in 7 years.
We are passionate about improving the employee experience through a more enjoyable user experience. Human potential is limitless and if our client’s employees are able to use our technology to have a great user experience similar to how they utilize tech in their private time (e.g., Google or Facebook), we believe they will be much happier, much more productive, and have pride in their work and workplace.

Actions speak louder than words

Here at Legito, we believe in action. We build incredibly strong relationships with our clients through actions, not words and empty promises. Our team builds the leading document drafting and management automation software for you by working hard, period.

Speed and efficiency

We hate wasting time. We are addicted to the rush of seeing progress both technologically and in business. We all are aware that life is a precious resource. We prioritize and choose the most efficient ways to work and deliver results. We do this because we see the purpose of what we are doing.
In fact it would be strange to operate differently, since our product is about doing things more efficiently.

Focus on an added value

We work hard and evolve quickly because we are passionate about helping our clients. We are passionate about how Legito helps our clients solve real challenges. Passionate about how it helps them build their dreams, make their businesses grow, connect their teams, or push their careers faster. Legito does do “halfway”. Our product offerings are there to help you go full speed – efficiently, and securely. We always carefully consider our clients’ real-world challenges, and design accordingly. The customer journey is what matters to us.


Sharing is key to success. Within Legito, we share our successes, and our opportunities to do better. From our marketing and sales team sharing customer feedback, to developers sharing the details of new features, or our management sharing our overall company direction, here at Legito we exchange ideas and knowledge. Sharing is the reason why every single employee and partner of our company knows his/her impact on the product and its success.
But we also look to our customers to hear their stories and get their feedback on how we can make our product better at every turn. Case studies, client calls, and regular conferences create arenas for real bilateral interaction, Legito can learn from its clients, and vice versa, and clients can even learn from one another.

Diversity and uniqueness

You will probably never see us in uniform corporate t-shirts. We are not a nine-five type of place, and never will be. We value and enjoy the uniqueness in every individual. Everyone here is free to express themselves as they see fit. We believe an open work environment encourages the best in us and leads to better products.

Giving back

From day one, we have invited all charities and not-for-profit organizations to use Legito: free of charge, in perpetuity. We highly appreciate those who choose to give back and help others. We understand that these kinds of organizations handle a lot of paperwork and, so we try to do our small part and help charities and not-for-profits spend less time and resources on administration, and more on their mission of helping others.

Our Story

How Legito Reinvented Document Automation

Legito sets a higher level of expectation for document automation solutions, providing an unprecedented user experience.

Since 2014, Legito has introduced over 20 essential innovations in automated document assembly and management. Among others, smart documents, default and favorite settings (making automated contract generation even more efficient), automated translations and bilingual docs, bundles (suites) of logically inter-connected documents, Template Editor to automate the building and generating of documents, auto-extraction of data from automated documents, smart documents which can communicate with public registers and other external sources, or real-time document management over automated templates with work-flows and negotiation features. And all these features are Out-Of-The-Box, and ready to use right from day one with zero programming.


The Beginning

In January 2014, we came up with the initial idea for smart documents. We hard-coded five of the most popular types of agreements and released them for free in order to determine how people would react to automated templates. The feedback to our minimum variable product was overwhelming. People intuitively understood how smart (automation based on logical dependencies) documents worked, and immediately saw the benefits. Within only a few days we had thousands of users. So, we decided to leave our jobs in the Legal and IT sectors, and go “all-in.” Legito (under its first name Contractator) was one of a very small number of startups chosen to present at Web Summit 2014 in Dublin, Ireland. Being invited was great motivation for us, and confirmation that we were on the right path.


First product

For the first half of 2015, we completely rebuilt our software. We decided to center our offering around what would become Legito Template Editor. This key component for document automation would allow users to automatically draft and generate documents from a saved template. The first iteration of the Template Editor, as well as the whole template administration workspace, was limited; therefore, we focused on freelancers and small businesses, offering ready-made templates. It wasn’t yet possible for users to create and fully automate their own documents. We started with 50 automated contracts. In 2015 Legito was selected to be Google Start-Ups Accelerator’s very first European company, which was greatly helpful for organizing business development and our marketing campaigns.



Despite our initial focus on freelancers and small businesses, Legito was an immediate success. We reached our break-even point in August 2015, only two months after we released version 1.0. This achievement allowed Legito to continue to grow without any external investment and hire more engineers so that we could continuously develop Legito. We went step by step logically, adding one feature after another. We did not focus only on document drafting automation, but also made a light foray into document management, in addition to bolstering our inventory of ready-made automated templates.


Targeting the big ones

In 2017, Legito’s offerings became robust enough to attract larger corporations and law firms with a wider range of needs. We began to receive emails along the lines of, “We love your system, but we it would be great if we could automate our own documents.” So, we shifted our focus to the rebuilding of Legito Template Editor making the automated drafting and generation of documents as easy to use as our ready-made smart documents. We finished our new document automation editor in January 2018. From this time, we officially moved our focus from being a provider of a ready-made automated document templates marketplace to a Smart Document Workspace, where users could automate the drafting and management of their documents.


Going Global

Our new Template Editor had a high adoption rate and was well received by lawyers and other professionals in document intensive fields. The months following the release saw Legito closing deals with a law firms in the Central Europe and Eastern Europe area, including Schoenherr (over 300 lawyers), Havel & Partners (over 200 lawyers) and Kinstellar (Linklaters spin-off with over 200 lawyers). We also started to welcome larger multinational corporates as clients. Legito hit a huge milestone when we won the tender to provide a document automation solution for Price Waterhouse Coopers. The results from a pilot project with PwC were so overwhelming that Legito was immediately implemented in 29 countries with thousands of active users. We proved that Legito could serve even the largest of global corporations.

Legito is now incorporated in the USA with an office in midtown New York, and our second European office is in Germany. Currently, we have clients in 27 countries, and over 150,000 users in approximately 50 countries.

Legito has partnered up with Lexis Nexis, and C.H. Beck, two of the world’s largest and most respected publishing houses. Working with such titans of the publishing world helps Legito get better access to our users and provide the best service possible.

Because of the growing needs of our different client types, we have split our team into two working groups. One group focuses on developing our Smart Document Workspaces for clients who automate the drafting and management of their own documents and workflows. The other group focuses on the ready-made templates in Legito Marketplace (the original model).

The success of Legito’s Smart Document Workspace has allowed us to expand our development team, which means that each main component of our workspace has a dedicated group (i.e., Template Editor, Document Editor, Document Management, and Workflows & Approvals.). This division of labor has helped accelerate our development, allowing us to add such new features like nuanced permissions management; additional sharing, collaboration, and negotiation capabilities; and advanced workflow. Our core objective, however, remains to provide the best document drafting automation on the market.

Are you interested in keeping up with Legito’s Journey? Keep track of the next chapters of our story: Please follow us on LinkedIn, or watch our videos on Vimeo.

"’If you want to win a race, you need both an excellent driver and an exceptional car.’ I believe we already have an excellent team of highly skilled and motivated professionals. Legito massively accelerates all the mundane tasks that are slowing down your team and allows you to use all of their hidden potential. "
Ondrej Materna
Ondrej MaternaFounder & CEO