Extract from our Terms and Conditions: 

Personal Data

6.1       Within the meaning of Section 5 (2) of Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on personal data protection, as amended, the User hereby gives his consent with the collecting, storage and processing of the Personal Data provided by the User to the administrator, who is the Provider, through the use of the SW; the User gives his consent with the processing and use of his Personal Data by the Provider, his employees and/or his authorised business partners. This consent is given for a period of fifty (50) years of the date it was given.

6.2       The purpose of the processing of Personal Data as determined by the Provider is the use of Personal Data for sending of commercial communications to the subject of the data (the User) through electronic means under Act No. 480/2004 Coll., on certain services of the information society, as amended, and further for marketing and business needs of the Provider’s contractual partners and for statistical and/or marketing purposes of the Provider.

6.3       If the User directly and effectively informs the Provider that he no longer wishes to receive business information from the Provider, the Provider shall refrain from sending further unsolicited business communications.

6.4       The User declares that he/she is aware of his/her rights under Section 12 and Section 21 of the Personal Data Protection Act and declares that all the Personal Data are accurate and true and have been provided voluntarily.

6.5       The Provider declares that he will collect Personal Data only in the extent necessary for meeting the above-specified purpose and process the Personal Data in accordance with the purpose for which they were collected. The Provider’s employees and other individuals who process the Personal Data on the basis of a contract with the Provider shall maintain the confidentiality of the Personal Data, even after the termination of their employment or business relationship with the Provider.

6.6       The Provider declares that he will process the Personal Data by electronic means (automatically) via computer programs for which the Provider has secured the right of use (manner of processing), in particular, the SW. 

6.7       The User’s consent under this Article 6 of the Terms of Service constitutes a free and informed juridical act which concerns the consent of the subject of the data (the User) with the processing of the Personal Data.